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The line between winning & losing is razor thin. Invest in your assets, develop your team culture and create a legacy of excellence.

Professional Sports

Learning Style Assessment​

  • Online, Mobile Friendly & Quick

  • Built from industry best practices

  • Results delivered in a quick, easy to read format for coaches & managers

Assessment Outcomes

Coaches will understand how their players learn best. Is your player an Auditory Learner? (best with verbal instruction) Is your player a Visual Learner? (best with diagrams & video) Is your player a Kinaesthetic Learner? (best with actions)

Coaches will uncover if their players have specific brain biases. This means that the coaching staff will understand who is a creative, abstract thinker and who is a logical, systematic thinker

Problems Solved

Knowing a learning style and brain bias will allow coaches to alter their method of instruction to ensure that every athlete is on the same page and understands the demands placed on them. This knowledge is particularly helpful when introducing a new coaching staff with new systems, playbooks and game plans.

Emotional Intelligence Assessment (EQ)

  • Online, Mobile Friendly & Comprehensive

  • Built from industry best practices & sports psychology standards 

  • Designed to work with existing team psychologists, training & medical staff

  • Sport specific EQ questions designed to help athletes from their profession relate to the material

  • Results delivered in two distinct formats: easy to read graphs & detailed player reports in PDF book format

  • Solutions provided to improve athlete EQ (online brain games, brain health nutrition, mind/body techniques and behavioral cognitive therapy)

Assessment Outcomes

Managers and coaches will learn the following information about their athletes: strength of character, leadership ability, drive for success, attitude, aggression, assertiveness, performance under pressure, emotional and self confidence.

Problems Solved

Coaches will benefit from athlete EQ testing by recognizing who is likely to perform best under duress, which player is a natural born leader, who is optimistic and can influence others, who is confident in their abilities and who will be game ready regardless of the situation. In any sport where the line between winning and losing is blurred, this information can bring clarity to coaches who are under pressure to make the correct decisions. 

Managers will benefit from athlete EQ testing by understanding the emotional makeup of their team and recognizing what may be lacking from the locker room. Managers will be able to predict which player's performance will struggle when new personalities enter or exit the room.

Team Culture Assessments

  • Online, Mobile Friendly, Anonymous & Quick online portion

  • In person private, off site & anonymous interviews (randomly selected, small sample size)

  • Culture walk assessment of athlete & staff behavior, interactions, body language and decision making (usually performed on a road trip)

  • Results presented to management in graph format

  • Solutions provided to created a high performance culture of winning

Assessment Outcomes

Managers will learn the true understanding of their team culture and discover the strengths & weaknesses of their team. Managers will learn if the coaching staff's messages are getting stale and if players are gelling as a team.

Problems Solved

Managers can identify potential problems and take action to improve them before they turn into performance draining meltdowns. Management will be able to identify the health of their team and will gain an athlete evaluation of the coaching staff. Through this report, managers can take action to improve their team and drive towards a culture of winning.