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The line between success & failure is razor thin in an ultra competitive environment. Emotional Intelligence is the single greatest contributing factor to success.* Learn how to make it work for you.

Individual Performers

Learning Style Assessment​

  • Online, Mobile & Quick

  • Built from multiple industry best practices

  • Presented in a quick, easy to read format 

Assessment Outcomes

Are you an Auditory Learner? (best with verbal instruction) Are you a Visual Learner? (best with diagrams & video) Are you a Kinaesthetic Learner? (best with actions) Do you have a brain bias? Are you a creative, expressive learner or an analytical, structured learner? Understand how you learn and interpret information and determine why concepts just don't stick.

Problems Solved

Learn information quicker, adapt to concepts faster, understand principles more clearly and retain the information you need to be successful. Gain an edge over your competitors by drilling down on your specific learning style.

Emotional Intelligence Assessment (EQ)

  • Online, Mobile Friendly & Comprehensive

  • Built from industry best practices & sports psychology standards 

  • Designed to work in conjunction with your health team/business coach/performance consultant

  • Material tweaked to modern themes to allow for an easy to understand format.

  • Presented in two distinct formats: easy to read graphs & a detailed report in PDF book format

  • Solutions provided to improve EQ (online brain games, brain health nutrition, mind/body techniques and behavioral cognitive therapy)

Assessment Outcomes

You will learn the following information about yourself: strength of character, leadership ability, drive for success, attitude, aggression, assertiveness, performance under pressure, emotional and self confidence. You will be able to identify where you excel and where you fall short. You will gain a road map to your own personal success.

Problems Solved

Put yourself in the best situation to succeed. In any sport, business or performance industry, competition is fierce and every advantage can lead to large outcomes. By understanding and improving your emotional intelligence you will be able to make confident decisions under pressure, not get rattled as easily, brush off disappointment and succeed in tough competition. This form of personal development will be a key to success.

*Daniel Goleman